Jewellery Collection

These limited edition collections are fine silver with all links individually soldered.  All links are made entirely by hand using traditional techniques.

The ear wires, along with parrot clasps, are sterling silver for added durability.



Gotham Bracelet

Gotham Earrings

Light Necklace

Light Bracelet

Light Earrings

Zip Necklace

Zip Bracelet

Zip Earrings

Duo Necklace

Duo Bracelet

Duo Earrings

Moven Bracelet

Mite Earrings

Flash Bracelet

Flash Earrings

Vortex Necklace

Vortex Earrings

Plough Necklace

Plough Bracelet

Plough Earrings


Metro Necklace

Metro Bracelet

Metro Earrings

Glide Bracelet

Shield Necklace

Shield Bracelet

Shield Earrings

Thelium Necklace

Thelium Bracelet

Thelium Earrings

Illuminate Necklace

Illuminate Earrings

Static Bracelet

Static Earrings

Multiply Necklace

Vine Earrings

Roe Earrings

Hatch Earrings

Reflect Earrings

Box Earrings


Direct Earrings

Guide Earrings

Front Bracelet

Front Earrings

Port Bracelet

Gate Bracelet

Loco Necklace

Wing Bracelet

Wing Earrings

Clay Necklace

Clay Bracelet

Clay Earrings

Generate Necklace

Generate Bracelet

Generate Earrings


Pods Bracelet

Pods Earrings

Exo Necklace

Exo Earrings

Power Necklace

Gems Bracelet

Gems Earrings

Slash Bracelet

Slash Earrings

Polarised Bracelet

Polarised Earrings

Bark Necklace

Ripple Necklace

Nature Necklace

Nic Necklace


Holmes Bracelet

Holmes Earrings

Siren Necklace

Gaunt Bracelet

Gaunt Earrings

Joy Bracelet

Joy Earrings

Crypt Bracelet

Crypt Earrings

Worlds Necklace

Worlds Bracelet

Worlds Earrings


Clone Bracelet

Clone Earrings

Nod Necklace

Mix Necklace

Mix Earrings

Clouded Bracelet

Clouded Earrings

Might Bracelet

Might Earrings

Chaos Bracelet

Chaos Earrings