Upcoming Collection

These limited edition collections are fine silver with all links individually soldered.

The ear posts and ear wires, along with parrot clasps, are sterling silver for added durability.

These designs will be available from October 2018.

Wallace Necklace

Norse Necklace

Xena Necklace

Attila Necklace

Goddess Necklace

Nazar Necklace

Pharaoh Necklace

Clover Earrings

Yule Earrings

Diamond Earrings

Lily Earrings

Wink Earrings

Magic Earrings

Mason Earrings

Mount Earrings

Ice Earrings

Boom Bracelet

Boom Earrings

Rock Bracelet

Rock Earrings

String Necklace

Chant Earrings

Amp Necklace

Metro Earrings

Bull Bracelet

Bull Earrings

Pile Bracelet

Pile Earrings

Point Earrings

Trend Earrings

Adam Bracelet

Swing Necklace

Icon Bracelet

Icon Earrings

Bask Necklace

Harley Bracelet

Salina Earrings

Nora Necklace

Ivy Earrings

Malus Bracelet

Tena Necklace

Ally Bracelet

Ally Earrings

White Bracelet

White Earrings

Dent Necklace

Fish Bracelet

Fish Earrings

Homer Bracelet

Dolla Necklace

Hyde Bracelet

Carew Earrings

Poole Earrings

Smith Bracelet

Kick Earrings

Ropes Bracelet

Jump Necklace

Cruft Bracelet

Cruft Earrings

Stand Earrings

Buck Earrings

Barron Necklace

Laurel Bracelet

Laurel Earrings

Cargo Bracelet

Cargo Earrings

Crate Bracelet

Crate Earrings

Stix Bracelet

Record Necklace

Agent Earrings

Tag Bracelet

Lombard Necklace

Club Bracelet

Polka Bracelet

Polka Earrings

Cobble Necklace

Age Earrings

Bells Bracelet

Bells Earrings